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    My set up:

    TV Fool

    2 antennas

    1 RCA Yagi ANT751E gain 12 dbi. VHS UHF
    1 Leadzm TA210A gain 14dbi. UHF

    Point the RCA to 330* get NBC and the rest of the cluster antennas there.
    Point the Leadzm to 290* get Ion and channel 9 that’s not on fool tv but it’s on the 300* range. Combine the two antennas at the mast, and run them to the cable box split them there to 4 TVs. The living room tv has an AirTV that works with sling and can record. Since the airtv can only run 2 TVs at a time I left the option for 4 TVs without lan.

    The combiner is a channel vision HS 2. 7 ft coax from each antenna to combiner. And about 10-15 ft coax to splitter.
    4 way splitter from Walmart. Can’t recall the brand.

    Went up did the install everything was good running without the splitter. Got NBC and Ion on the Airtv dvr. Then put the splitter up and the problem begun! From 70 channels went to 40, most of the loss are from the 5* range and are religious channels that I don’t watch but the big loss was NBC, and channel 43 that got Escspe, quest and Univision. Solution point the rca as low as possible without losing NBC, it’s pointing in the 320*, same with the leadzm point as far up as posible without losing Ion that was 310*. Run the RCA straight to the Airtv in the living room and got all channels except Ion. Run the Leadzm with the 4 way splitter and got all channels except NBC.

    As it is I got all channels but I don’t have ion on the Airtv, so I can’t easily access it with the sling app or record it.

    I then got to study splitters and amplifiers.

    Seems like my best bet is the channel master 3414. I would swamp the combiner as before, and then install this amplifier instead of the 4 way splitter I would only need to run a new coax from the living room to the cable box, the cable is there I would just need to track it down and plug it to the amplifier and transformer.

    This post is important cause I already invested a few hundreds and can’t afford to buy the wrong piece of equipment. Will this amplifier solve my problem?
    01-13-2019 09:26 PM

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