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    AirTV has their TV Tuner (Hauppauge WinTV-VHR-955Q) for $19.99 (others sell them more expensive $50 - $80 just for original black color :-D I can live with white for $30 to $60 less) and with a $9.99 HD antenna from Amazon you can install the drivers (I currently use it on Windows 10) and install Windows Media Center and enjoy your local channels for under $30 on any Laptop/PC.

    For tuner:
    Products | AirTV

    For antennas:

    For drivers:
    Hauppauge-WinAll-NEW-2018-drp - Google Search

    For WMC (for latest Windows 10 build 1809):
    WMC-V8.8.2 - Google Search

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