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    The following is my review of the Mediasonic HomeWorx Converter Box

    This is a very solid box. I bought it because the ATSC receiver in my HDTV broke. This box worked just fine to help to continue to make this TV functional. I also have an Android TV connected to it. I wasn't sure what to do when my bedroom TV was suddenly not able to search and find any OTA channels. Should I toss the TV, or only use to with my MI Box which still worked fine? The solution came to me via an internet search. Other with this problem discovered it cost more to fix the TV than it was worth, BUT that an external converter box should still work fine. I bought the one above and it DID work!

    It's constructed of hard plastic and metal, and it's pretty solid. It's not too heavy BUT it sits stable on my armoire. It connects to the TV via AV cables which are included OR HDMI which is not. Fortunately I have plenty of HDMI cords. I was able to get 32 channels with a search via the flat panel antenna I connected. EPG works great, and gives quite a bit of info, more than I expected. HOWEVER the interface leaves something to be desired. It's a bit clunky. Also the DVR function which IS nice to have, requires a USB stick or HD, and really doesn't work all that well. Ok it works, but the interface is crap! It does work in a pinch, AND it does allow you to pause live TV, really its best feature.

    I definitely recommend this box, IF you need one!
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    So are these channels you're getting coming in via OTA antenna?
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    So are these channels you're getting coming in via OTA antenna?
    Yes a “flat” antenna.
    06-16-2018 08:23 PM

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