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    I'm in the process of ordering an antenna, coax, grounding parts, etc., to set up one of my TVs for antenna backup to my Att Uverse system. I'd at least like to get local channels in the event Uverse goes down. The plan is to drill a hole in my CBS block wall and run the coax to only one TV. However, I got to thinking about the future and possibly at some point cutting the cord altogether. There is a grey box on the outside wall of my house where a bunch of coax cables converge with splitters - one splitter is actually feeding another one. These are the cable runs from the Uverse main DVR to the 5 set top boxes for my other 5 TV's. Would I be able to disconnect the main DVR as input to the splitters and attach the antenna coax in its place to feed the other TV's with an antenna signal?

    1) If the Uverse main DVR can feed these 5 TVs without degrading picture quality couldn't an antenna do it too?
    2) Legally, can I disconnect Uverse and use the antenna in its place?

    New to this cord cutting thing; thanks for your input.
    03-24-2020 05:52 PM
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    Well the DVR’s are powered devices and therefore are able to send signal through the splitters. I’d be concerned that, since the OTA antenna is passive, that all the splitters and cable runs would negate any possible OTA signal. Now I’ve also never tried that because when we cut the cord several years ago I pulled all the coax cable out of the house and ran all Cat6.

    I’d say connect the OTA antenna to one of the splitters and then connect one of the TVs and see what happens. What I think may happen is you will have to reprogram your tv every time you want to go from ATT to OTA.
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    03-25-2020 06:55 PM

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