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    It's not easy though. Up front costs and work make it tough.

    Here is what I am looking at.

    OTA rooftop antenna purchase and professional installation (estimate). $500

    7 * 50 Roku Premiere + Devices (need the Wifi Remotes). $350

    1 Tablo Quad + Hard Drive. $250

    1 HarmonyElite Hub. $350 (Can wait on this, but it will happen)

    Tax $87

    Total $1500+

    Costs will be lowered $100/mo (YouTube TV + HBO + ShowTime). So buyback period is 15 months (assuming none of the new equipment breaks).

    I think I can live with no more than 3 live streams at the same time bc I won't stream any of the major networks through Youtube, will use OTA).

    Worry if it is worth the hassle, investment and how reliability of all this equipment will compare to DTV.

    I hate DTV so much I want to do it but am concerned.

    My ISP speeds are over 100 MBPS usually.
    08-06-2019 03:14 PM

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