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    I am so PO'd at Dish Network!!

    I watch very little TV, other than the 4 broadcast channels. I have been a Dish customer for over 20 years. I can get the OTA local channels. The only real value of Dish for me has been their DVR, especially being able to record multiple channels at the same time. Their original DVR was great, but the most recent version of it is the most poorly engineered piece of junk on the market today, but that's a different topic (don't get me started on that!!).

    For almost a month now, Dish and the owners of my local channels have been in contract negotiations and Dish is using subscribers as a negotiating hostage. They cut off the ABC channel entirely almost a month ago and are threatening to cut off more. I suspect that they will cut off more just before the SuperBowl.

    The problem for me is that I live in a rural area that is VERY poorly served with wireless internet. I am forced to use my cellphone as a hotspot for my data. So I need a multi-channel OTA DVR that is capable of refreshing guide information by connecting only once or twice a day. Does such a thing exist? Any suggestions?
    01-29-2020 10:18 AM

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