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    Hi, am looking for some advice regarding how I should set up a system.

    I currently have Comcast Internet Plus Choice, which is a triple play with Limited Basic TV + HBO using a rented box, Internet "up to 75 Mbps", and VoIP telephone service (currently $155/mo with fees and taxes; expecting a $10 - $15/mo increase). I have an older analog TV which works fine. Router is an old Apple Airport Extreme.

    I actually cut the cord about 6 years ago and used a converter box and an amplified Mohu Leaf antenna, but kept Internet and telephone service for work. However, about four years ago I went back to cable when they offered an inexpensive promotional package that included HBO. Comcast's monthly fee has gotten quite expensive and is going up again this month, which leads me to....

    Someone recently gave me a working used flatscreen LCD TV. I've already set it up as an additional TV in another room, using the Mohu Leaf antenna (i.e. not using the cable feed) and it's working great.

    Looking for recommendations/pros/cons and setup tips.

    What kind of hardware would I need to watch a streaming service on the flatscreen TV? Any particular brand and model, and why? The OTA channels are fine for the limited viewing I do, but would like to watch Acorn (and HBO if I drop cable completely in the coming months). How do you toggle back and forth between the OTA antenna feed and the streaming feed?

    What kind of hardware would I need to add recording capabilities to the flatscreen TV? (Currently have a Hauppage tuner for my laptop with its own tiny antenna that's not very strong), but it would be nice to have something that works with the TV.) Would I need to subscribe to a program guide, and if so, what do you recommend and why?

    I'm not quite as concerned about initial hardware costs as I am about ongoing monthly fees, which I would like to minimize. Thank you in advance :)
    01-04-2020 03:56 PM
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    Hi @Liz7. Welcome to Cord Cutters.

    The least expensive hardware is probably going to be a Roku box. You'll be able to watch a lot of stuff (with ads and commercials) with one of those. I have one on one of our tv's and it works great. If you want to watch more or DVR then you'll probably have to subscribe.

    We currently use YouTube TV with Showtime (roughly $60/month) and that gives us three simultaneous streams and unlimited DVR. Plus we can watch it on our Apple TV's as well as out mobile devices.

    Hopefully others will chime in on this as there are a lot of us cord cutters here.
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    01-06-2020 12:50 PM
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    And as far as switching between over the air channels and a Roku or anything else attached, there should be a "source" button on your remote to cycle through the option you want.
    01-06-2020 01:38 PM
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    We currently use YouTube TV with Showtime (roughly $60/month) and that gives us three simultaneous streams and unlimited DVR. Plus we can watch it on our Apple TV's as well as out mobile devices.
    Just as an add-on here, there are other services as well that offer the cloud-DVR option.

    - Sling TV - $5 to any of their plans for 50 hours of recording - https://forums.cordcutters.com/e?lin...token=TEM6-Pw-
    - Hulu with Live TV - $45 per month with 50 hours of recording - https://forums.cordcutters.com/e?lin...token=OuMcAQdG
    - Philo - Philo starts at $20 per month and offers unlimited recording. - https://forums.cordcutters.com/e?lin...token=hKPW3QIh

    (Unfortunately, not all of them are going to offer HBO and/or Acorn)
    01-06-2020 06:27 PM
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    A big decision you need to make is are you going to need to have live TV (more than from an antenna), OR are you ok watching stuff, on demand. Many of us, just live with the live TV we get OTA (over the air) and then watch stuff on demand on the services we subscribe to. I have Amazon Prime Video (free with Prime 120 a year), Netflix (2 bucks a month via T-Mobile), and Disney Plus (shared account with my Niece).
    01-07-2020 03:40 PM
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    Okay everybody, Chuck Finley69 has finally been dragged into cutting the cord by his wife and daughters. Now Iíve observed a lot and posted little since I was content with Frontier service FIOS or Spectrum until last two promotions.

    FIOS, even before Frontier was great except paying for $10/box with five TVs and that $50/month adds up. In the beginning FIOS gave me free boxes to switch from cable every other year.

    Cable from Spectrum would switch me over every other year promotion since no box required for basic cable and would thrown in a couple free anyways. Recently, that changed with digital switchover and Spectrum requires boxes.

    Switched to AT&T DirectTV for iPhone promotion and that end coincided with our recent move to a condo. Thatís okay since Florida rainstorms interferes with satellite and HOA doesnít allow receiver.

    In order to start internet service immediately, Frontier told me TV would have to wait. Huge push for tech installs and TV is way down priority list. My daughters laughed as teenagers apparently donít watch TV channels the same way as us parents. So I had one Roku TV already but never used. Bought the Roku attachments for the other TVs since Iím going to join civilization today.

    My initial goal is as close to free as possible. So the questions will follow. I want live TV for local channels but external antenna is not an option. Is there indoor antenna option? Is there a simpler option through Netflix or different service?

    Thanks in advance everyone....
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    03-30-2020 06:48 AM
  7. pkcable's Avatar
    04-01-2020 09:13 PM
  8. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Thanks pk
    04-02-2020 05:45 AM

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