1. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    This would be kind of a review of Comcast in general.

    As for speeds, I am getting some pretty good results. I don't have many options for ISPs in my area, and none of the others are truly viable.

    Would you switch if you could?
    08-01-2018 09:51 AM
  2. mutroi's Avatar
    I just downgraded my Comcast service from Internet + CableTV package to Internet only, then started subscription to YoutuveTV for content. I also have Netflix and Amazonrime for additional content. My main reason for ending Comcast CableTV is their annoying practice of obscuring service specifics and prices. Final straw was their increase from $110/mo to $150/mo. I am still stuck with Comcast Internet as ISP as alternatives in my area are severely limited. I am now paying $67 (Comcast internet) + $40 (YoutubeTV); which is much lower than the $150/mo Comcast package.

    Comcast as ISP is, so far, so good. The download is rated at 60Mbps, 5Mbps upload, but download is usually delivered at over 100Mbps. They tried to upsell me to a 160Mbps, but I find 60Mbps is sufficient to feed my 2-4K UHD TV's, 2-computers and 4 iPhone+iPad devices + VOIP.

    YoutubeTV meets my expectations so far, mostly. It offers all the critical channels including live local sports, and there is no DVR equipment fee or recording limits stored in their cloud. Since we have two houses, having access to recordings anywhere is appreciated.

    But since my Comcast ISP and YoutubeTV fees are month to month with no contracts, I'm still open to better options.
    12-29-2018 05:23 PM

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