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    Cutting is the right way to reduce the "Cable" bill but man, trying to match the channel selection and system simplicity is trying.
    We could use a tool to plug in the channels watched and presto, here's you best service match. Living in mountainous central PA, getting local network channels seems to be an issue. Digital OTA signals don't travel very far I hear. PBS, as we're accustomed to is elusive as well. Living in a smaller town with 1 cable provider, which we currently use, we're kinda limited. New customer internet is 39.99/50 MBPS with auto-pay. Don't know what regular retail rate will be for us. Then buy a modem/router or continue to rent it.

    Question: Is Cloud DVR as good as the Tivo DVR we got from the cable company? I'm certain we can save on $280/mo but will need to make ease of use and programming sacrifices, a real First World problem. In a few months, most likely get used to the service chosen....or not.? Help.

    Jim H
    01-19-2020 08:32 PM
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    CloudDVR can vary widely, and on some services you can't, cable DVR is generally much more mature and easy to use. HOWEVER you should be able to get by. Here's a somewhat up to date channel grid for the different services, you have several to choose from....

    The Streaming Channels Matrix | CordCutters

    There is no one perfect solution. Some of us have even given up live TV entirely and survive on Netflix and Hulu etc.
    01-21-2020 10:27 AM

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