1. Estrelita's Avatar
    This is a new world for me but I'm a bit of tech-geek, so having this entire area of new gadgets, and stuff, wohooo!
    I'm using an old Vizio smart TV, thats not to smart, so I added fire stick tv to update the available apps.
    Streaming SlingTV, but also use Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. The fire stick alows me to watch everything on this older TV, which I could not do until I got the fire stick. (Roku would have worked too) but I am an Amazon and Alexa person, and familiar with it. I'm not that fond of Roku, although it's fine, just a preference thing, and Roku is a bit limited for me.
    Lastly, have dabbled with Kodi, Plex, etc. But really don't want to pull in all my own programming so SlingTV is my starting point. I picked Sling over say YouTube or Hulu, because less expensive and has local and lots of sports channels I want. Plus it works! Oh, I also have an antenna, but ready to get a better one with tuner and DVR, thanks to articles I've read here!
    08-16-2018 04:37 AM
  2. danmigran's Avatar
    You're simply awesome! You have used different brands and is trying get the best out of the entertainment that your TV could bring. I hope to try Sling and Roku soon too. Nice to have you here!
    10-23-2018 10:43 PM

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