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    (1) does anyone know how to post on to the Troypoint forum ? it's called insider log in. as far as i know they have no "help". it's a catch 22 because i cant post my question - i can't "fill in the blanks" with the answers they want as i don't as i don't understand what to put in the blanks. anyone who is familiar with this forum and has posted on it could help me. if this is you, PLEASE respond and i'll provide you with specifics. if only it were user friendly (like this one)
    (2) does anyone know of a source (book, website, forum, or community) i could go to to learn the basics of KODI & streaming media. i don't know a source from a repo or an addon. i don't mind doing the homework - if i only knew where to go

    tks in adv
    05-11-2019 05:05 PM
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    It looks like they just need you to provide a login. You would use the Sign Up, option. HOWEVER I read their Terms and it appears this might be a pay forum, or have a pay wall. That is, some areas are free, and others require a subscription. Can't say for sure, BUT I would be cautions.

    Facebook can be your friend with regards to Kodi. Also YouTube. NOW, this type of topic is not really discussed here, as these type programs fall in to a VERY grey area. Google and the above services I mentioned are DEFINITELY your friends here.
    05-13-2019 09:49 AM

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