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    I am a Vue user and a transplant from Optimum cable TV, internet an phone service for 11 years. I sat down 4 months ago and started to test every one of the services out there including Hulu Live, DirectTV Now, Sling and YoutubeTV. I also have tested on every type of device including PC, Nvidia Shield AndroidTV, FireTV Cube, Roku Ultimate and Apple TV.
    As of this writing the Playstation Vue app is, by far, the best app out there. It runs on everything listed above and the "getting used to the differences with cable TV" part of the service was a lot more easier than the other services. My wife is non techy and she has become proficient in using the guide of Vue and likes it now.
    At the end of the day, any of these services take time to get used to and realize the differences are actually better than with cable. I have given myself at least a weeks' use of each app and definately prefer the Vue app.
    That said, THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE NAME. As someone here said, naming it "Playstation Vue" immediately removes this as an option for many, many people who either do not have (and think it is needed) a Playstation console or do not want to use a game console for TV.
    I think a relaunch of the service with a nice marketing campaign and re-branding to something like Sony Vue or VueStation will go a long way to bringing new customers to the service.
    08-12-2018 05:37 PM
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    I kinda like Sony Vue!
    11-02-2018 12:14 AM

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