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    Please forgive me if this question has been asked in another location but I did not find anything. Like most I am trying to get away from the increasing prices of cable. The number one issue/concern is finding either a service/software/hardware or a combination to solve an issue. My wife wants to keep things simple. What would be ideal is something where I can have a multiple streaming services and could combine those services into one graphical user interface with other onsite or cloud DVR. The most ideal solution I believe would be Hulu Live with Philo. This would capture all the channels she likes to watch. I could than ditch everything else except the internet. Is there a solution because having her switch between Hulu and Philo is a deal breaker.

    Here is what I have currently.
    75" Samsung Smart TV
    Denon receiver 5.1
    Apple 4K
    Harmony Remote
    Everything is hardwired with a speed of 300 down and 20 down
    Synology NAS 16TB
    Spectrum Cable
    Full Plex
    Channels DVR app
    Amazon Prime
    SiliconDust Homerun Quattro
    OTA Antenna
    Everything is wired and works great
    03-08-2019 02:08 PM

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