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    I am now 8 days post-cord cutting and am trying to make a decision on what I think is my last step. To catch up:

    • I had been a DirecTV subscriber for 15 years. Which is to say - that is the guide I am used to.
    • I live in Bryan, TX - which is about 90 miles from any other city. My town has several (but not all) of the major stations available OTA (in high def even).
    • I have picked what I think is an antenna that should be able to pull the OTA stations not only from my town, but also from Waco and perhaps Houston. My intent is to only use those Houston/Waco channels to "fill in the gaps" for what is not available from my local stations.
    • I have been a subscriber to both Netflix & Amazon Prime for quite some time now. I have had a Firestick for over a year now.
    • Based on the channels I actually watched, I subscribed to SlingTV for streaming of live TV for channels that are not available OTA. Sling carried more of the channels that I watch than did Hulu.

    Now for my delima: choosing a DVR solution. I have read so many articles & reviews that my eyes are spinning. It appears that the choices are kind of broken down into 2 categories:

    1. DVRs that capture the OTA from the antenna, then "broadcast" it over local wireless to your viewing devices in the home. Amazon Firecast, Sling's AirTV, & Tablo are in this category.
    2. DVR choices that use a "hard wire" (probably coax) to the TV's in the house. TiVo is in this category. I think Plex is too.

    First I should say that the idea of paying a monthly fee for the ability to Record shows is abhorrent to me. That's why I canceled my DirecTV to begin with. So using a TiVo Bolt doesn't look that appealing to me...

    My gut reaction tells me that getting an HD signal OTA (which is reportedly better than either cable or DirecTV was providing) and then streaming it back out over the home wireless network would mean a reduction in picture quality. It could also mean network congestion within the home (if the device could use the gigabit home network I have rather than wireless this would probably not be an issue).

    First question: does streaming OTA to in-home devices reduce picture quality or cause network issues?

    Second question: If the answer to the first question is "no & no", then I like the idea of the Sling AirTV (it combines the guide from both OTA & Sling into a single guide). Or so it says; some of the reviews I've read indicate it's not as good as advertised. Any first-hand opinions?

    Now most importantly - what am I NOT thinking of?
    Chris Barnes
    Bryan, TX
    02-17-2019 07:23 PM

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