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    I purchased a roof antenna for my father a few years ago and we ran both ethernet cabel cat6 for his computer system and coax for his roof antenna. This worked great for a while, he died last year and we had to rent his apartment. I thought we were fine with all of the cables but then something unexpected happened. The new tenants wanted to have internet. We do not have verizon fios in our area so they had to go with the cable company. Well they had to use the coax connections to supply service to the internet or they would have to make holes in out walls. Now our tenants have internet but no roof antenna use. However the cat6 ethernet connections are available for use. So is it possible to run a new cat6 line up to the antenna and use that? I don't want to have to make new holes in our brick walls.
    02-03-2019 07:27 AM
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    Sorry to hear about your Dad. . Do the tenants want TV on a TV? In that case you need coax. Another option for them, might be to use some IPTV service that works through the internet, such as SlingTV, DirecTV Now, Philo, YouTube TV, etc. Some are quite affordable, Philo for example is only 16 per month.

    If you want OTA then you will need to run another coax, which may or may not fit though the existing holes. Another option here would be for them to get a good indoor antenna, such as the Mohu leaf.
    02-04-2019 02:12 PM

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