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    I am a day away from cutting the DirecTV cord and settled on YouTube TV as my main provider.

    The weird thing is that Live or Recorded TV (Network shows) are coming over my Denon AVR-X4400H in STEREO!! I know it's hooked up right cause if I go to any other app like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, it's all Dolby in it's many forms.

    Here's the weird thing...using the same ARC HDMI connection, if I run the YTTV app on my Samsung QLED TV, everything comes over as Dolby Digital (and Atmos where appropriate)..ON YouTube TV!!

    I checked the settings on Apple TV 4K and it's set to Dolby Atmos...even tried to force 5.1, and still it's in stereo. Checked any setting in YTTV, but appears to be the Apple TV 4K...not playing well.

    I have plenty of bandwith speed 400/50...and because the TV is streaming digital, one would think that Apple TV 4K direct would be even better. The Ultra HDR 4K stuff looks and sounds awesome from other apps on the Apple TV, but only YouTube TV isn't working.

    HELP>>>! Ready to cut the cord...but need dolby digital as I'm running 9.2 audio through the Denon.
    01-03-2019 12:08 PM

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