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    Since I spent months figuring out this setup with numerous trial and errors, and several mistakes made along the way, I thought I'd share the end result. Was paying around $240 a month for 3 TV cable setup. New costs are a little over $110 a month. With upfront costs of about $900 I'll break even in 8 months. Certainly could have been done with less upfront equipment costs and even less monthly ongoing cost.

    First I researched the equipment I would need and shopped for high quality boxes. While I like them now, I should note that some were not plug & play and required some effort to get fully functional.

    Lesson 1 for anyone considering cutting the cord: Do Not discontinue current landline phone service until AFTER porting the number you want to keep. It must be live and functioning to be ported.

    I pursued wired connections for my MOCA network using 4 Motorola MM1000 units. Once Motorola convinced me to install PRIOR to the modem, I got this working. see diagram.

    Here are the basic components and services I used:
    ISP - 100M internet from WowWay
    Modem - Motorola MB7621
    Router - Ubiquiti ER-X , definitely not PnP and I needed help to configure.
    Since location not conducive to wireless router I used this wired router.
    Ethernet Switch - TPlink SP105, easy to use and PnP
    Wireless Access Point - Acher C7 wireless router used as a wireless
    access point in another part of the house.
    Grandstream HT812 ATA for Voip - not PnP either and a little configuring
    ROKU Ultras to drive tv's and streaming - used because of desired wired
    ethernet connection
    RCA antenna and Channel Master signal amp used in attic for OTA
    OTA DVR - Tablo Quad installed with 2tb drive - be sure of adequate cooling

    Streaming services in use; HuluLive, PhiloTV, Amazon Prime and AxVoice VOIP Service. A lot of redundancy here and I will likely eliminate one of these.
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    10-26-2019 01:44 PM
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    That's a nice setup! Thanks for sharing.
    10-28-2019 08:33 AM

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