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    Hey, folks! So I've been off cable for almost a couple years now. And my setup hasn't really changed too much. Here are the broad strokes:

    Links to all the stuff: I'm just gonna make it easy on everyone (but mostly myself) — I've got a whole cord-cutting kit going on. Click here to check that out!

    Living room

    • Display: Yeah, I'm not gonna list this one. It's not being sold in the U.S. any more, and you shouldn't buy it anyway. Too bad. But it runs Android TV, which is our main input in this room.
    • Secondary input: NVIDIA Shield TV. (Yes, Android TV running into an Android TV. While I love Shield TV, don't ever run it into another Android TV unless you want your brain to explode.)
    • Speakers: Vizio soundbar with wireless rear speakers and subwoofer.
    • Remote: Logitech Harmony Elite. (It's insane.)
    • Other: Sonos Play:5, Google Home Max. (Overkill, but that's part of my job.)


    • Display: Vizio M50-D1 from a couple years back. Does 4K and Dolby vision, and has Chromecast built in.
    • Main input: Apple TV 4K. 'Nuff said.
    • Secondary input: Amazon Fire TV, but mostly just for work purposes now that Prime Video is available on TVOS.
    • Speakers: None. Old-schooling it out of the TV speakers.
    • Remote: Logitech Harmony Companion. LOVE THIS REMOTE. It's the one I recommend for everyone.
    • Other: Sonos Play:3, Google Home

    (Covered) Back porch

    • Display: 40-inch TCL with Roku. It's just 1080p, which is fine for the space. I don't have a special cover on it or anything, but it's survived the Florida humidity (and occasional freeze) so far.
    • Secondary input: Amazon Fire TV 4K dongle. Roku doesn't do HDHomerun, so I keep a Fire TV here for that.
    • Other: Google Home Mini


    I've used everything. But mostly we go with PlayStation Vue for the daily viewing. I like it because it has all the channels we want in one place, and the grid is super easy. Could probably shave off a few bucks with DirecTV Now (which also is excellent), but I think PSVue is simpler to use. YouTube TV also is coming along nicely, but I just don't see how price creep won't continue to happen.

    Other services: Netflix (natch), Hulu (mostly for stuff the kids watch, but also Handmaids Tale), Amazon Video (which we had anyway because of Prime), and YouTube Red (which the kid says is a thing).

    For OTA I've got a ClearStream 2Max 60 rigged up outside, running into an HDHomerun Quatro. (That's four tuners.) I've also used Tablo but just couldn't live with the transcoding lag, or the loss in picture quality. (We also don't rely on DVR anymore.)

    Hope that gives folks a clear picture of what we're using here!
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    Great setup Phil!

    Here's mine (no fancy video, BUT I can try to get some pictures)....

    Living Room/Main TV
    55 inch Vizio M line (that's their premium line) (the TV has some smarts, BUT I pretty much only directly connect to Netflix with it)
    Streaming Devices are an Amazon Fire TV, model 2 with ethernet connection, a Roku 2, AND a USB C to HDMI cord that I sometimes connect to my V30 or MacBook
    Services are Netflix (free from T-Mobile), Amazon Prime Videos, DirecTV Now, and an IPTV account.
    Internet is FIOS 100/100 for 39 a month (50 with the rented modem)

    Man Cave
    TCL 32 inch Roku TV
    Streaming Device: I use in incorporated Roku. Also a Nintendo Switch is connected. Flat panel TV antenna with a surprising 32 channels!
    Services as above
    Note: the built in Roku has a DVR

    Bedroom TV
    40 inch Vizio (older cheaper model) with non functional TV Tuner.
    Streaming Devices: Converter Box for OTA (32 channels), and Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV.
    Services: as above
    Note: The Converter Box has a DVR but it's pretty clunky. It DOES work in a pinch.

    Computer Room
    Generic 20 inch flat panel TV
    Streaming Apple TV 3, built in OTA
    Note: In this room I mostly just use my iMac 27 inch, but sometimes I put on OTA channels, or watch Netflix on the Apple TV, but mostly the Computer has a MUCH better screen and picture. lol
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    I have only one TV in the house. It is a conscious decision.

    The TV is an old 2007 42" Sharp LCD TV which is dumb as bricks. It only has two HDMI inputs.

    Main Input is connected to a 1st Gen Chromecast - This is to fling anything to the TV from a multitude of devices in the house.
    I have connected the second HDMI input to a 4-1 Belkin HDMI Switch. To the Belkin HDMI switch the following gadgets are attached:
    1. Mi Box - mainly for Netflix and viewing stuff at night so that my Sony Wireless BT headphones connect seamlessly and I do not wake up the others in the house. I do have Prime Video app (made for Shield TV) sideloaded to this Box and it works just fine but I rarely use it.
    2. Roku (circa 2015) - mainly for Amazon Prime Video
    3. Phillips DVD Player (region free) to watch occasionally something that cannot be found easily online.

    Internet is Spectrum, 60Mbps down / 10 Mbps up. I usually get higher speeds for both but that is the official plan I have signed up for.
    04-16-2018 02:32 PM
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    We've got a 1st-gen Chromecast attached to a 32" Samsung that I can't recall the model name of in the bedroom, and a Roku Premier paired with a 40" Hisense 40h3e in the living room. We've dispensed with sound systems due to apartment life, that'll have to wait until a house comes up for sale in our neighborhood. We have a Cox subscription added as part of our amenity fee, so we can watch network shows on various devices if the situation warrants. Other than that, we have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Starz, and Amazon Prime.

    I'm wanting to look up more in that HDHomerun later, wondering if that would allow me to relocate the living room TV to an inner wall without laying coaxial all over the place.
    04-16-2018 06:22 PM
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    I havent cut the cord yet but want to. Seeing all this information on this new site encourages me to next steps....
    05-05-2018 06:52 AM
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    Living Room
    • 60" Sharp Smart TV
    • HDMI 1: 4K Apple TV
    • HDMI 2: Amazon Fire Stick
    • Sound: Yamaha YAS‑107

    • 50" Sharp Smart TV
    • HDMI 1: 4th gen Apple TV
    • HDMI 2: Mac Mini
    • Sound: tv speakers

    • 70" Sharp Smart TV
    • HDMI 1: PS4
    • HDMI 2: 4th gen Apple TV
    • Sound: Yamaha YAS‑107
    05-07-2018 12:33 PM
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    Just like worldspy99, I have 1 TV in my loft apartment (conscious decision).

    It’s a 65” Samsung Curved SUHD Smart TV. I have a 4th gen Apple TV connected to it, since the apps on the TV are limited. My primary streaming service is PS Vue (HBO & Star) because it’s the only service I’ve found with the NFL channel. I’ve also tried DirecTv Now but have since canceled that service & just use my mom’s log in info for any channels I’m missing with PS Vue. I also have Netflix, Prime Video (came with my Prime membership), & HULU (I use my daughter’s account). FiOS is my internet provider...it’s actually the only one available where I live. For speakers, I have a Bose Wave Soundtouch & 2 Soundtouch 30s.
    05-10-2018 07:34 AM
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    I am too slow to adapt, therefore I have a simple R99 Android Box.
    Whereas I also have a samsung smart TV with basic speakers. nothing fancy thereeeee but i have cut the cord hurraayyy!!
    05-16-2018 06:32 AM

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