1. Michelle Potter's Avatar
    Has anyone tried Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick? Well, I used to have a 40in LG smart tv. My 2yo boy has this tendency to throw things on the tv screen whenever he sees something scary. So he broke the screen to cut the story short. I'm now using an old TV and planning to connect a streaming device for Netflix and Youtube. I heard Roku is also good. How about Chromecast and Amazon stick are they all the same?
    12-09-2019 09:39 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Any of those you mentioned will work. I MIGHT skip the Chromecast if it were me because that device requires your phone to work, and semi ties it up while its casting. Also casting will use up your battery on the phone much quicker. Either of the other two will work fine. I would probably go for the one with the best price.
    12-10-2019 08:07 AM
  3. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Of the options mentioned, Roku would probably be at the top of my list.
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    12-10-2019 08:15 AM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    I'll jump on the Roku recommendation bandwagon. I have a Roku Express and have been happy with it.
    12-10-2019 04:29 PM

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