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    I wanted to provide my review of both the Amazon Fire TV Stick, AND the Amazon Fire TV Box. In my case I have the latest version of the Fire TV Stick (with Alexa remote) BUT I have the 2nd generation Fire TV Box. There is a key difference between the 2nd Gen Fire TV Box and the 3rd Gen. The second gen has an ethernet port. It also have both an SD slot AND USB A port, which the 3rd gen does not.

    Ok the Fire TV Stick first. It's made of a light but durable plastic. Amazon includes everything you need to run it on your TV right in the box, EVEN batteries! The stick can plug right in to one of your HDMI slot, BUT they also include an adapter to help you connect it to those HDMI ports at odd angles. Included in this latest generation Fire Stick is an Alexa remote. The remote has a simple but VERY functional button configuration. The remote also has an Alexa button that allows you to do searches for content and apps. It's a great way to cut the cord at a good price, and with great portability.

    Next we will take a look at the Amazon Fire TV Box, second generation. I prefer the second gen over the 3rd gen, because of the above mentioned ethernet port as well as the SD and USB A slots. While the 3rd generation box IS more portable and has better specs, the second gen is not far off, and it DOES have 4K support. (First gen Fire TV does NOT have 4K) The box I have is a solid hard plastic construction. You DO need to supply your own HDMI cord, BUT Amazon DID include batteries with it for the remote. The remote is the famous Alexa remote which lets you voice search for Amazon content and apps.

    If cost is a factor I would recommend the latest generation Fire TV stick, BUT for the best results, I would recommend the second generation Fire TV. The problem is you probably can't find it, OR you will have to pay a premium to get it, as the after market seems to bear a price premium.
    04-16-2018 11:49 PM

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