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    When I signed up for Sling I pre-paid 2 months and got a free Roku Express, figured I'd do a quick little review.

    Box contents - in the box were the unit (smaller than an Altoid tin), power adapter and Micro USB cable, the remote, batteries for the remote and an HDMI cable (!).

    Setup - Easy, once I found that this unit does NOT support 5 gHz Wifi (and that my router has separate MAC filters for the two bands). My Sling connection was brought over from my Insignia TV (it runs Roku) through my Roku account I assume. I had to log in to YouTube, Netflix and YouTube TV. I also set it up as a device on my Harmony Home Hub but I can't seem to control it from the Logitech remote (might need to tinker with it more).

    Performance - MUCH faster than the Roku TV in the other room. Picture quality seems to be on par with Chromecast.

    I have it hooked up to a 2014 LG 42LB6300.

    I'm happy to answer questions, but this is pretty much a Roku...
    04-07-2019 08:40 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Thanks for the review @hallux

    I have run in to that 2.4 issue too with some (most) of my smart devices.
    04-08-2019 08:19 AM

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